Environment Variables

Environment Variables (EnvVars) can be used to retrieve a value based on the current environment.


Environment Variables can return a value based on the environment the requesting application is in. EnvVars are solution aware and can therefore be "transported" with a usual Deployment (see ALM).

Be aware

Local values should not be included in a solution. Otherwise, it will be impossible to override the value in a downstream environment.


EnvVars are built with two tables:

  • Environment Variable Definition
  • Environment Variable Value

Environment Variable Definition

As the name suggests posts in this table contain the definition of an environment variable. This contains

  • DisplayName
  • SchemaName
  • Description
  • Data Type
  • Default Value

Environment Variable Value

Also called "Local Value". A post in this table is always related to some definition and should never be included in a solution. It overrides the default value of a definition and is the value of the current environment.

Use case

Use cases could for example be

  • URL's
  • Canvas App Ids
  • Rows Ids
  • Switches
  • Connections
  • Other Configuration

How to create

Environment Variables are, as mentioned, Solution components and should be created from a solution as well. First, the definition has to be created. After you save the first time you can add a local value. This local value should then be removed from the solution (via the ... besides it).

How to use

Power Automate has a native integration with EnvVars. All the available EnvVars will be shown in the list of dynamic values.

Be aware

If you use this approach EnvVars are cached. When you change the value you have to turn all the flows off and on to get the new value.

If you would like to use EnvVars in any other way (Plugins, JS, ...) you have to handle them yourself. This means getting the rows and deciding whether to use the default or local value.


  • 2019-11-04 - Announcing Public Preview (MS announcement)
  • 2020-09-15 - Announcing GA and new Solution import experience (MS announcement)
  • 2021-04-14 - Announcing Type Data Source (MS announcement)
  • 2021-08-19 - Announcing Public Preview of Environment Variables Support in Power Platform Build Tools (MS announcement)
  • 2021-12-15 - Announcing GA of Environment Variables Support in Power Platform Build Tools (MS announcement)

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