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Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Azure logos

Microsoft Icons

Icons for Dataverse and your apps

When you use Custom Tables in model-driven apps, you will get a default icon for that table 🧩 It is not very user-friendly. Selecting suitable icons for your tables is a must! It is described how it's done in MS Docs, Change model-driven app custom table icons.

When working with Canvas apps you might also want to use different icons.

Where to get icons for my custom tables?

There are different sources where you can get icons. Some comes with a cost, some don't. Here's a list of some sources.

When you have chosen your icons, you can manage your icons easily with the XrmToolbox tool Iconator

Power Apps Canvas Apps related

Emojis in Power Platform

When icons will not do the trick (is not possible to use), you can always use emojis! E.g. in Choice values or in Column lables. There is a guide from Megan V. Walker which you can download and read more about this subject.