Power Platform

Power Platform is a low-code platform empowering citizen developers as well as professional developers to build applications faster as well as set up automation, create chat bots and visualize data.

The four main services are: Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and Power BI. AI Builder, Microsoft Dataverse and Connectors are also parts of Power Platform.


Once up on a time there was a CRM-system from Microsoft called Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Actually the story started even earlier when Microsoft bought a CRM company consisting of 10 employees in 2001. Two years later Microsoft CRM was born. It was later rebranded to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This was more than a CRM-system. Already back then it was called an ”xRM” platform rather than just a CRM system. Parts of (or at least concepts from) the Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM platform has been lifted into Power Platform (Microsoft Dataverse and model-driven apps). Then new cloud concepts have been added as well making up other parts of Power Platform (such as e.g. canvas apps and Power Automate).

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