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This article is about this collaboration platform.

Power Wiki combines the best sources for Power Platform related content from Microsoft and from the community. This is a place where you can lookup topics and find out where you can go to find more information. Learn about different concepts and find out where you should go to get more inspiration and find the answers you need. When you search for a topic you should be able to get a quick overview of what that topic is all about and information about where to find great resources for learning more about it.

Everyone is welcome to contribute to this wiki. Just create an account and start to share.


Power Wiki started as an initiative by Carina M. Claesson, with the support of Benedikt Bergmann and Jonas Rapp. The purpose was to gather great resources for Power Platform in one place to help people who are in the beginning of their Power Platform journey as well as experienced makers and developers.

Power Wiki was officially released on the 1st of February 2021.

Power Wiki Rules

Please take a moment and read the Power Wiki Code of Conduct.

The Power Wiki way of adding content:

  • Power Wiki should not duplicate information, rather contain links to other sites.
  • References should be added when appropriate.
  • Use the Feature Template when adding new features.
  • Follow the structure described on the Structure of pages page.

Power Wiki Team

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