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This page describes how to create new pages. Start by searching for a topic in the search field. If there is no match and no content which is similar to what you want to create, click the Create button. Add your content. Power Wiki uses CAPTCHA techniques in order to avoid spam. You will need to answer a question in order to be able to save a page. You will need to answer a question also when you create an account.

How the pages are structured

  • Pages describing a feature should have the feature template in order to get a information box in the top right corner.
  • If applicable, add a History section.
  • If there are other resources describing the topic, such as MS Docs, blog posts or videos from Microsoft or the Community, just add the most important information and then links to other resources.
  • If applicable add a Microsoft Resources section.
  • If applicable add a Community Resources section.

Boxes to use

Test Info

Test test test

Test Warning

Test test test

Test Error

Test test test

Test Success

Test test test



This is a quote using quote block




We use the SyntaxHighlight Extension. See


1 def quick_sort(arr):
2 	less = []
3 	pivot_list = []
4 	more = []
5 	if len(arr) <= 1:
6 		return arr
7 	else:
8 		pass