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The Dataverse Connector is used in Power Automate cloud flows to connect to your Dataverse data. This page gathers tips and tricks.

Tips and tricks

Set lookup value

You cannot simply use the guid to set a lookup, you need to add also the entity name in front of it, e.g. /contacts(guid) for setting a lookup to a contact.

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List Rows

After using List Rows you might want to verify the result, here are a few examples which might be handy. To be used e.g. a Condition Step or in a Compose or Variable step.

  • If you want to check if there was no rows returned, use this expression empty(body('List_rows')?['value']) in a condition. If that is equal to true - means no rows returned.
  • If you want a value from the first item, use this expression first(body('List_rows')?['value'])?['name'] to look for attribute name.
  • If you want to know the number of rows retrieved, use this expression length(body('List_rows')?['value']) To be used e.g. in a condition if you want to verify that you got exactly one row back for instance.

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Remember to use your own name of the step instead of 'List_rows'.

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