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A Fusion Team is a team within an organization where Citizen Developers (people who are business experts within different areas that the organization operates in) and Pro Developers work together.

Fusion Teams described in the Gartner Glossary, Definition of Fusion Team.

A fusion team is a multidisciplinary team that blends technology or analytics and business domain expertise and shares accountability for business and technology outcomes


Fusion Teams and Power Platform

Often Pro Developer tasks related to Power Platform are described as creating APIs, generating Custom Connectors for everyone to use in their Power Apps (Canvas apps) and Power Automate cloud flows as well as building custom components using the Power Apps Component Framework. Other Pro developer areas that are not that often mentioned are developing plugins, custom workflows and client side scripts (JavaScript/TypeScript). Still those parts are common in projects. Power Automate cloud flows are recommended instead of classic workflows nowadays though and in the future we will have the possibility to use the low-code language Power Fx when we need to extend our solution with a plugin as well as in our model-driven apps (for what parts in the model-driven apps - the future will tell).

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