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The Power Platform Adoption Framework (abbreviated "PowerPlatformAF" or "PPAF") is a community-driven framework for adopting, managing, governing, and using Power Platform to develop solutions at scale. Its goal is to provide a common global standard for Power Platform adoption, atop which Microsoft partners and customers can customize their specific approaches. It was originally created in 2019 by Lee Baker, Lucy Bourne, Manuela Pichler, Andrew Welch, and Keith Whatling in consultation with Microsoft and Applied Information Sciences (AIS). Since then the framework has been contributed to by many Microsoft business applications professionals around the world.

PowerPlatformAF is freely usable and available on GitHub at the links below. Content current on GitHub is published by AIS as a white paper each year, with the third edition due in April of 2021.

- https://aka.ms/ppaf

- http://www.powerplatform.af

- https://github.com/PowerPlatformAF/PowerPlatformAF

The framework's goals are to help organizations:

- Get to value quickly

- Educate, train, and grow their community of citizen developers and power users

- Create durable partnerships between business, IT, and the user group community

- Continuously improve return on investment (ROI) by identifying and migrating new workloads to Power Platform

- Blend agile app development with rigorous enterprise management and governance