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New features come to Power Platform and Dynamics 365 in what is called Release Waves.

Read about the weekly releases here.

Read the Roadmap here.

You can read about how to Opt-in early here.

Release Plans are found here.

Release Plans

The documentation of what is about to be rolled out in a certain Release Wave is called Release Plan. There is a dedicated wiki pages for Release Plans where it is described how the documentation is built up.

Understanding the timeline


There are two Release Waves each year. One from April to September and one from October to March. There is an Early Access period two months in prior to the start of the wave. You then have the option to do an early opt-in, which means turn on the Release Wave in a certain environment and be able to try out the upcoming features. In prior to the Early Access period Release Plans are made official, i.e. documentation about the upcoming features.

The picture is taken from MS Docs, Opt in to early access updates, old dates but still relevant!

Early Opt-in and Early Access

Opt-in early for a certain wave and you will be able to try out Early Access features before the roll out.

Feature lifecycle

Features have a lifecycle.

  • Private Preview
  • Public Preview
  • General Availability
  • Deprecation

As long as a feature is in preview it is not intended to be used in production. The feature might change. When a feature is General Available it is ready to be used in production. Keep an eye on what is going to be deprecated.

In MS Docs you can often see (preview) behind headings in chapters describing features that are in preview. Keep an eye on the Power Apps blog where Public Preview and General Availability announcements often are announced. Microsoft Events are also known for announcing new features as in Public Preview or General Available.

Read more about it here: MS Docs about the feature lifecycle.

Also see the Wiki pages Public Preview where preview features are gathered and Deprecations which describe what Deprecation means.

Release Waves

There are dedicated wiki pages for the two latest Release Waves.

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