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This page gathers information about tools for Developers. Also see the tips from MVP Natraj Yeganaraman, the XrmToolBox page and the Tools page.

Name From Use Case Good to know Read more
FetchXML Builder Jonas Rapp Create queries and code manually or use FetchXML Builder to create queries for Microsoft Dataverse.
Plugin Registration Microsoft, Jonas Rapp, Imran Akram, Alexey Shytikov Register Plugins and Custom Data Providers This tool can be download from NuGet and then you will get the SDK version of the tool from Microsoft. The tool has also been XrmToolBox (XTB) enabled, by Jonas Rapp, Imran Akram and Alexey Shytikov, so you can run it from within XTB. Download from NuGet
Plugin Trace Viewer Jonas Rapp Look at the Plug-in Trace Log under legacy settings or use this tool to investigate the Plug-in Trace Log with easy filtering and display possibilities.
Shuffle Builder and Shuffle Runner Innofactor (originally Jonas Rapp) Move data between environments Actually two tools, one is used to prepare data transfer and one is used to do the data transfer. Not available OOTB in XrmToolBox, you need to download from NuGet

Download here

How-To article: MVP Advent Calendar: Transport Data Between Environments with Sara’s Favorite Tool! by Sara Lagerquist