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This page gathers information about tools for Makers. Also see the general Tools page and the XrmToolBox page.

Name From Use Case Good to know Read more
Attribute Manager Daryl LaBar Imagine that you have created a column for a table in a solution, you use the column on forms, in views, in workflows, business rules and you might even have some data for this column. Then you realize – you really should have used another data type for this column. Well, do it again and do it right. That means, remove the column from all places you have added it to, create a new column and add that it to those places and there might be data to transfer from the old column to the one. OR use this tool and take away the painfully manual work. For DEV environments, since you cannot use it for managed solutions – and who uses unmanaged solutions in other environments than DEV environments?! ;-)
BPF Manager Clement Olivier and Gus Gonzalez This tool allows you to set an active business process flow stage for records in bulk. Use this after a data import, or simply to switch stages from an old BPF into a new one.
Bulk Workflow Executor Andy Popkin In the UI, workflows can be run for only as many records that you can have in a view, i.e. 250 records at a time. Click through the views and execute workflows or use this tool to execute Workflows in bulk using CRM Views or FetchXML Queries.
Easy Translator MscrmTools Export all translations for a table/tables, update in Excel, import, tada!
FetchXML Builder Jonas Rapp Create FetchXML queries e.g. to be used in your cloud flows or SSIS Kingswaysoft migrations.
Personal User Views Migration Clement Olivier In model-driven apps users can create their own views. There are system views and there are personal views. There is no way to natively migrate personal views nor delete a personal view. With this tool you can accomplish both of those tasks.
Ribbon Workbench Scott Durow Edit XML files manually or use the Ribbon Workbench. "Standard" for editing the Dynamics CRM Ribbon since Microsoft Dynamics CRM version 2011.
Solutions Layers Explorer MscrmTools Use in order to find out what unmanaged layers there are of a certain solution Tanguy TOUZARD about his tool
Shuffle Builder and Shuffle Runner Innofactor (originally Jonas Rapp) Move data between environments Actually two tools, one is used to prepare data transfer and one is used to do the data transfer. Not available OOTB in XrmToolBox, you need to download from NuGet

Download here

How-To article: MVP Advent Calendar: Transport Data Between Environments with Sara’s Favorite Tool! by Sara Lagerquist

User Settings Utility MscrmTools Update the users’ personal settings in bulk. Set other User’s time zone in bulk by Priyesh Wagh
View Layout Replicator MscrmTools Update the different views for a certain entity manually (filers and what columns to include) or use this tool to replicate from one view to other views.