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Microsoft xRM is now history but we still have it in Microsoft Dataverse. Picture from an old Microsoft presentation.

This page is only for historical facts and for all former Microsoft Dynamics CRM fans.

Once upon a time there was software from Microsoft called Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Even though the name of the software included CRM, which is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management, this software could easily be used for modelling any relationship. By creating new entities and relationships in between new entity models could be set up by using configuration only.

Whatch the release video of xRM!

xRM release video

Why the X?

Some say that the x in xRM stands for "any" as in any relationship management. Some say it stands for extended relationship management.

Does it still consist?

xRM still consists as a concept. Microsoft Dynamics CRM transformed into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and then into the Power Platform as model-driven apps built on the Power Platform and its data stored in Microsoft Dataverse.

The acronym can still be seen today in different parts of the Community, e.g. in the powerful XrmToolBox and in the name of the user group xRM Virtual User Group. It also still live in the background of the platform, not only conceptually in Microsoft Dataverse, but also e.g. in the Client API.

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